Planned Maintenence Services

Heating and cooling system in East Rochester

HVAC Maintenence

There should be more to a maintenance visit than a simple filter change. With a little love, the HVAC systems that you've invested in can last a very long time. Van Ernst works with you to custom tailor a maintenance plan to your equipment, and your budget. Contact us and we'll get started today.
Our plans include air filter and fan belt replacement, coil cleanings, heat exchanger inspections, bearing maintenance, and electrical inspections. Whether it's seasonal startup or bimonthly maintenance, we can design a plan for you.

Refrigeration Maintenance

Restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets can all benefit from scheduled maintenance. We clean condensers, adjust door seals, and check fan motors to ensure your systems are running efficiently. We check refrigerant levels, valve and control settings, clean ice machines,  and inspect electrical components to ensure your systems don't give you any surprises.
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